Motorsport Lynx

Rolling Road Services


We specialise in all race, rally, classic and track day cars and our first class MAHA 4 wheel drive rolling road facility is fundamental in helping you improve BHP and can identify any hidden loss of power through drive train drag.  Whether you need to check engine development or need a specific set up, we can help improve your race car performance.

With 30 years experience we can offer full rolling road tuning for 2 & 4 wheel drive cars. Our rolling road dyno is digital and interfaced to a computer which allows 'live time' data logging of:

  • BHP
  • Road Speed
  • Engine water temperature
  • Lambda

With this information, we can ensure accurate set up. We can also correct for changes in barometric pressure, final drive ratio and drive train type.

Customers receive a computer print-out of bhp, both at flywheel and at wheels.

When mapping an ECU the rolling road can be set to hold any rpm/speed specified. The bhp is displayed in 'real time' on a large display and is recorded into a computer. Changes made can be observed as they are implemented.

We can also accommodate inertia power runs depending on your requirements.

Rolling Road Cost

£110.00 plus VAT



It is your responsibility to ensure your car is good condition before using the rollers.

Check you have enough fuel in the car and any extra if your car is thirsty.

Check the car has plenty of oil and water.

Check the cooling system is in good order.

Check the carbs/throttle/linkage.

It varies depending on requirements but prepare for up to 2/3 hours for more technical adjustments and if your car needs time to cool down.  Customers are welcome to wait.


No, we will only run the car to the max rev limit you give us and the car coolant and oil temperatures will be monitored during the process.

No. We can run unsilenced cars.

Our rolling road is capable of reading BHP at the wheels and calculate the flywheel as you would see it on an engine Dyno. As the weather changes, the air temperature and pressure will change from day to day/hour to hour and our rolling road will adapt the BHP information to a standard that is recognised throughout our industry.

  • To contact us with any queries call 07766 553252 or fill out our online form