Motorsport Lynx

4 Wheel Alignment and
Corner Weighting


We have installed Hunter 4 wheel alignment equipment which we use with a MAHA alignment ramp giving the perfect combination to obtain specific handling requirements. We provide a service for race, track and road cars giving you a fully computerised four wheel alignment service which gives measured values for camber, caster, toe and thrust angle for your car. In addition to this, we can also corner weight your vehicle.  So, if you want to check your vehicle is set up correctly or looking to enhance track performance for optimum grip, give us a call – 07766 553252.

What is involved and cost

Set up time will depend on the complexity of your requirements. You will receive a full four wheel measurement on your car with detailed printout of your measured values. We will carry out adjustments and check suspension components and advise on any additional parts/works required (if necessary) which will be charged accordingly. Corner weighting is a means of measuring the weight transferred onto each wheel, not essential for road cars but a must for race cars.

Cost - £110.00 plus VAT


Summary of adjustments

  • Camber
  • Castor
  • Toe
  • Thrust Angle
  • To contact us with any queries call 07766 553252 or fill out our online form